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  1. my-main-page.com MOUNTAINEER LOG & SIDING COMPANY
    (6 Dec 17) Yes, they do have a couple of cabins close to the 1000 SF range: The "White Rock" at 24ftX34ft (816 SF) and the "Cass Ranch" at 24ftX44ft (1,056 SF). They have on their nice website lots of information about log homes in general plus specific info about their own products.

    ►Over 1,500 homes have been produced by Mountaineer Log & Siding Company since the first home was manufactured and built adjacent to the mill operation. Continual improvements ensure the comfort, durability, and economies of log home living. The company is a member of the Log Homes Council of the National Association of Home Builders. Quality is assured by strict adherence to Timber Products Inspection, Inc (TPI) grading standards. TPI has established guidelines for wood properties such as knots, grain and taper. These properties correlate with the allowable loads for structural materials.◄
  2. my-main-page.com NORTH ARROW LOG HOMES (13 Oct 17) These folks offer small log cabin plans but also will do much larger buildings. Nice looking cabins on their website.

    ►North Arrow Log Homes of Michigan located in the Upper Peninsula of Northern Michigan. Searching for an Upper Peninsula or Northern Michigan Log Home Contractor? We're glad you're here! "Hi! I'm Alex Rivers, designer and builder of North Arrow Log homes. We are a small log home company interested in quality construction and happy customers. Our handcrafted log homes and cabins and luxury custom homes follow the traditions and techniques used by the Scandinavian log smiths to achieve the fine craftsmanship that a log building deserves. Because every North Arrow Log Home is custom built and hand crafted, each is a unique and sculpted piece of art with a size and layout of its own. We carefully select each log to fit into your design plans. Floor Plans to Fit Your Needs. We build all sizes of Log Homes and Custom Homes, from small getaway log cabins to large family size log homes. We do offer floor plans that can help you step into the right direction and fit your family's needs. We offer free consultation and design ideas to help you plan your Upper Peninsula or Michigan custom log home. If you would like more information, please give us a call, text or email. We are happy to answer your questions. We really look forward to meeting you, thank you for your interest!" - Alex M. Rivers.◄
  3. my-main-page.com NORSE LOG HOMES (13 Oct 17) One big thing about this company is that they will build small log cabins and the one's shown in their pictures are really quite nice. They will build under 1000 SF.

    ►Thank you for your interest in our handcrafted log homes. We hope the following information will be helpful to you. Norse Log Homes consists of experienced log home builders that specialize in quality handcrafted custom log buildings. Whether you're interested in a mountaintop log ski chalet, a log cabin on a secluded lake, a unique log office building, a log cabin resort development, or your own dream log home, we can build to suit your needs. Our builders have extensive design and construction experience. Our office and main construction yard is located 5 minutes north of Nanaimo on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada. The people at Norse Log Homes have been log builders since 1975. We moved to Vancouver Island in 1984 in order to be located at the source of the world's best supply of Douglas Fir house logs. We use select West Coast grown Douglas Fir or Western Red Cedar logs with a mean mid diameter average of twelve inches and a fifteen inch butt diameter. Our logs are hand peeled using the traditional draw knife method, then scribe fitted using notches and lateral groove construction. We are proud of our natural handcrafted log homes. School Supplies The quality of our homes far surpasses machined log home kits. We have two construction yards and three 82ft hammerhead cranes located on a total of six acres. Norse Log Homes can hand craft up to forty log homes each year. Your project will be constructed by our highly skilled craftsmen at one of our two Vancouver Island sites. It will then be numbered, disassembled and loaded onto a truck or into a container for shipment to your waiting foundation anywhere in North America or around the world. Norse Log Homes would be pleased to quote on log package costs from your design sketches. Our log package costs normally run between $35.00 and $45.00 per square foot, depending on the size and complexity of your log work. We also offer a complete custom design service which can convert your log home sketch into construction plans starting at $1.06 per square foot. This cost is later deducted from your contract price when you decide to build. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or for a Log Home Quote on one of our Log Home Plans or on your own unique ideas. Call Toll free: 1-877-390-3344.◄
  4. my-main-page.com LODGE LOG AND TIMBER (3 Aug 17) This company seems to be fairly large but in spite of that, they have a line of smaller under 1000 SF style cabins. Picture on the right is of their: 768 SF "Craftsman" model cabin. They can build small or very large with customer specified modifications if requested.

    ►Lodge Log and Timber. Since their founding in 1975, Lodge Log and Timber located in beautiful Boise, Idaho, has manufactured and sold thousands of log packages for homes, inns, cabins, restaurants and more. We have helped people build their dream home in the U.S. and around the world. Many people who build a log home often consider it to be the last home they will ever build, so, Lodge Log and Timber understands the importance of helping you achieve your dream. We have helped people just like you design everything from small cabins to luxury homes and from lodges to commercial buildings. We have worked hard to build a reputation in the log home industry of integrity and reliability. We pride ourselves on the number of happy, satisfied customers we have helped. Let Lodge Log and Timber help you build your dream home.◄
  5. my-main-page.com HANDMADE HOUSES WITH NOAH BRADLEY (3 Aug 17) This listing is for a business that provides a lot of FREE information about building your own log cabin/home. The title/link of this listing goes to their website. Clicking on the picture at the right will help you access their YouTube channel.

    Military Surplus ►Welcome Home! Thank you! . . . for visiting Handmade Houses! Our goal here is to help you discover and achieve, your dream handcrafted home. A home that is the absolute best that it can be. A home that looks as if it belongs on your land. A home that will be a blessing in your life, and to those whom you hold most dear. This site is an excellent starting place for you as you begin down the path that will lead you to your own unique handmade home or cabin… We can say with confidence that there is nothing else like this site on the entire web! We offer A LOT of free and valuable information here . . . all for you to browse through at your leisure with no annoying ads or pop-up forms to get in your way! We do also offer premium in-depth online courses for those who want to dive deep, learn how best to design and build your future home, step-by-step. The first step you should take is to make sure and get on our free newsletter email list where every week you will have delivered to your Inbox tremendous tips and motivational stories that will help you achieve your dream home. The process of discovering and building a home can seem overwhelming, and life does have a way of distracting us from our focus . . . these emails will gently keep you motivated and help steer you towards that incredible home that you so deeply desire to have.◄
  6. Describe ABOVE TREELINE CONSTRUCTION (19 May 17) This business is located in Divide, Colorado which is about 25 miles from Colorado Springs. They have an up-to-date website and sell a lot of different products. The picture on the right is one of their smaller cabins called: the "Hunter's Cabin". Of course they also build much larger homes for the consumer.

    ►Above Treeline Construction is a full-service home builder and general contracting company. Our owners, Steve Copp and Dennis Johnstone, have more than 70 years of combined building experience. Located in Divide, Colorado (which is near Colorado Springs), we've been in business since 1984. We're licensed and insured, and we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). We currently have two crews that are experienced in building log homes, manufactured / modular homes, and custom homes. We assist you through every step of the home building process, including selection, design, loan, excavation, septic, and more. Because we're a distributor for many home products (such as windows, fireplaces, solar, and septic), we can get up to 40% off retail prices, which brings down the overall cost of your new home. Our Promise: We will go above and beyond your expectations! We build each home as if it were our own and guarantee our work.◄
  7. Cool Trapper Cabin JEREMIAH JOHNSON LOG HOMES   These people are located in Dumont, Colorado. They build big beautiful log cabin homes, but guess what they also can humble themselves to build these cool looking small cabins. Their website has lots of information about their products & services offered. Picture on the right is of their cool "Trapper Cabin".

    ►Welcome to Jeremiah Johnson Log Home. We specialize in the affordable manufacture of the finest log cabin packages and log home kits in the world as well as the complete turn-key build of your new log home. With generations of skill and artistry, our log homes bring fourth a unique beauty that is apparent in every one we build. Whether you dream of a quaint mountain log cabin or a 100,000 square foot mountain log lodge, Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes can bring your mountain dream home to a reality. The only limit is your imagination. Located in Colorado, Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes specialize in building the highest quality handcrafted log homes on the market today. It is our goal to provide the most ethical, full service new log home consultation to our clients throughout the entire State of Colorado as well as the US and the world. We don't just sell log home packages and log home kits. Jeremiah Johnson Log Homes offers custom log home design, log homes colorado, land development, log home dry-in packages, turnkey log home construction and real estate services to meet our client's needs. We develop a relationship with every client in order to completely customize the log home to their creative vision. That is why our motto is: "Building Relationships . . . One Client at a Time".◄
  8. Step by step construction of a log cabin STEP BY STEP CONSTRUCTION OF A LOG CABIN   This instructable appears to have been made by someone who does not speak good english, but you the visitor may be able to get some good information from this by also watching the videos included with this project. You may have to read it over many times to get the information from it.

    Amazon Handmade Items For Sale ►For good build a log house, or even to a small cottage as is the case treated in this article, it is essential to have a stock of good quality logs, or at least they're all about the size and rights, and of all the convenience that its diameter is not less than 15 cm. It was the case of this construction, because the trees used, mostly, were very crooked trunks and had diameters ranging between ten and twenty-five centimeters. This forced an increased amount of work in the settlement and preparation of logs, because they necessarily have to be straight with two faces that are not left with very large spaces between them to cover. Later, during installation, I even thought it was a mistake to opt for that type of construction without trunks in sufficient quantity and quality. The difficulties were eventually overcome, but the cabin had to be smaller than initially anticipated. The photo shows the final look of the cabin and in the background, other interesting household tasks that show on Instructables future.◄
  9. 10X12 Homemade Log Cabin HOW TO MAKE A LOG CABIN RETREAT   Here is a small home-built log cabin for those of you who have access to some small timber. It measures 10X12ft and includes a heavy-duty foundation. Picture on the right is of the completed cabin.

    ►Hi everybody. This is my first instructable and I hope I do this fine establishment proud. I have acreage of mixed forest with a large quantity of cedar at the south side. I had to take quite a few trees down as they were becoming a problem on the trail. I couldn't bear to waste them as they were straight and solid so I decided to build a little hunters/trappers get-away. A rough estimate of cost is about $1000. I spent $408 on the steel roof, $130 for floor (sheeting, wood, cement), $180 on chinking, $70 on wood screws (4 inch) and $100 on incidentals like paint. Of course I probably missed a few items. Thank you so much for the thoughtful comments.◄
  10. Logb Cabin NEW HOMESTEAD USA   This business located in Idaho builds: Small Cabins, Commercial Projects, Luxury Homes, Mansions. They have a dealer network throughout the USA.

    Amazon Household Appliances Click Above
    ►New Homestead USA is located 5 miles north of Payette, Idaho, on U.S. Hwy. 95, 8 miles off of I-84, 50 miles west of Boise. The 90,000 SF. log home building materials manufacturing and warehouse facility houses 5 kiln dryers, 2 high capacity planers, notching equipment, 6 radial arm saws, edgers and two sawmills. The plant is situated on 16 acres of property which encompasses storage yards, with highway frontage and rail access. New Homestead USA is the most versatile company in the log home business. We produce nearly every log style in a variety of sizes. We can supply long length and large diameter logs. We also offer a vast selection of log home components, including siding, rafters, beams, stairs, flooring, roofing, joists and more. All of our products are interchangeable and adaptable to any plan - yours or ours. Select the log style and floor plan that best suits your lifestyle and budget. Materials are produced in three quality grades, with a choice of preferred species. All products are offered in dead standing, air dried or kiln dried, so shrinkage is minimal - if any. Our Economy, Standard and Luxury packages allow you the flexibility of selecting a luxury wall system with an economy roof or mix the packages how ever you choose. New Homestead's product versatility makes it possible for the customer on a limited budget to get in the door of their dream home and at the same time offers fine quality materials for the most discriminating individual.◄
  11. The Weekender Model CONTEMPORARY LOG HOMES   This company is located in two places for your convenience: Mesa, Arizona and in Edinboro, Pennsylvania. I think what they do is provide precut kits for the buyer to assemble. They do have a list of small cabins which you can purchase in addition to much larger beautiful log homes. Their small cabins are Prime Video listed in their "Traditional Series" which include: Timberidge 957 SF, Snowflake 946 SF, Clearcreek 768 SF, Weekender 504 SF (pictured on the right), & Verde 600 SF.

    ►We are a small independently-owned company with distributors located in the Southwest and Northeast United States. We've been providing quality log homes to a long list of satisfied customers since 1978 and they would be happy to share with you their success stories with our organization and how we helped them realize their dream of owning a custom log home. Because we are small, we can provide you with service that is personal and sincere people you can trust when making decisions about your investment in a log home. The staff who helps you with choosing and designing your log home will be the same staff who'll draw your plans, pass them through building requirements, order and check your materials, and provide on-site assistance with the initial construction of your log home.Our material packages include a mix of high quality, graded Lodge Pole Pine and Douglas Fir. Utilizing an unclaimed natural resource, our logs are harvested from dead standing timber and have dried on the stump, naturally. As opposed to their kiln dried counterparts, our logs have a much lower moisture content which minimizes post construction shrinkage. Dead standing timber is a very cost effective product. With Contemporary Log Homes you deal directly with the provider, eliminating any costs or fees associated with a distributor or middle-man. Ultimately, our log homes are a better value and simply cost less. In our standard Lodge-Pole Pine log we have the following sizes available: 7in, 8in, 9in, 10in and 12in. Redwood & Cedar as well as other wood species are available. Our standard packages include 7in diameter logs with a Swedish Cope milling option. Over the years we've found the Swedish Cope has proven to be our most popular log style. Additionally, this type of joinery will retain a solid seal as well as minimize misalignment or movement of the logs during and after construction.◄
  12. HIDDEN VALLEY LOG HOMES   This business has some small cabin floor plans available, even down to 500 SF (Bunkhouse) see their PDF files located in the "Styles" page. Interesting part about their website is that they do not reveal their location: I had to do a search to find that out: Hidden Valley Log Homes. 6843 S Tower Rd, Leavenworth, Indiana 47137 812.739.2900.

    ►We are a log home manufacturing company. We have been in the log home industry for more than 25 years. We have five different log home packages available. Our packages range from logs only to full dry in packages. We can customize our plans or use customer's plans at no additional charge. If you compare our pricing, you will be amazed at how affordable our homes are. We have a long held tradition of the highest building standard and the best quality material available.◄
  13. A scribed log guest house in Edmonds WA NICOLA LOGWORKS   Here is another custom design log cabin builder located in Canada. Their production site is located in the heart of the Nicola Valley near Merritt. (The arid zone of British Columbia.) Picture on the right is of "A scribed log guest house in Edmonds Washington". If you visit their website you will find lots of information about their products and services offered.

    ►We specialize in dovetail log homes, timber frame and post and beam structures. We also build log stairs and supply parts and pieces (log and timber components) to commercial and residential projects. Each of our log or timber frame homes is a custom plan reflecting the unique lifestyle requirements, aesthetic tastes, and budget parameters of the customer. All of our projects are cut and pre-built at our work-site; local structures are re-set by the Nicola LogWorks crew, while log homes going overseas or into the US are accompanied by one or two members of the crew who offer technical assistance to the customers local team during the re-set of the log or timber components of the building. This can mean a lot of traveling! From North Carolina to Kodiak Alaska, from Denmark to Dresden, from Kyoto to Tokyo and all across Canada. It is a source of pride to the crew and principles of the company that the heart and soul, sweat and sawdust of this locally produced work is so well received and sought after.◄
  14. Wyoming Log Home BEAR RIVER COUNTRY LOG HOMES   This company is located in beautiful Cache Valley, Hyde Park, Utah and serving all of the Western United States. They have lots of different floor plans with images included. They also have at least a couple of floor plans under 1000 SF.

    ►Bear River Country Log Homes provides log home packages with high quality stamped and graded materials for standard or custom designed log homes and cabins. Bear River Country Log Homes is a full service company located north of Salt Lake City, Utah. 360container logo We can assist with design, finding a lending institution, and if needed, a builder to do all or a part of the construction. We can also provide assistance when building the home yourself. The logs included in our packages are milled from seasoned Western woods: Lodgepole Pine, Spruce, or Douglas Fir, and all logs have a low moisture content. The logs are round milled Swedish Cope with saddle notch corners. They come in 7in, 8in, 9in, 10in, 11in, 12in, 13in, and 14in diameters*. We also provide 6in x 8in, 8in x 8in, and 8in x 12in D logs in cedar or pine, hand-peeled full logs, or a full scribe package. *Other size logs are also available; call or email for information. Blueprints are provided with standard log home packages at no additional charge. We can also design plans and blueprints for your custom home. We provide a construction manual, and invite your calls concerning construction questions. We work with qualified, experienced builders who can do all or part of your log home construction. Once blueprints are designed, completed, and approved for your building site, log packages can be delivered in less than 4 weeks after the deposit of 33% is placed. We deliver all over the world, specializing in the Western States: Utah, Idaho, Wyoming, Colorado, Montana, and Nevada.◄
  15. Model Log Cabin FLYNN LOG HOMES   This company is based in Quebec, Canada. Due to the unique customizable nature of Flynn Log Homes, they do not have an actual price list. Generally speaking, prices range from $35 to $40 per square foot of log wall, depending on the complexity of your plan. With a limited number of highly skilled employees as well as low overhead costs, Deal Of The Day! they are able to offer a genuine commitment to quality while remaining competitively priced.

    ►Located in the province of Quebec, Flynn Log Homes is an unmistakeable log home builder and designer. For over 25 years owner and operator James Flynn has been constructing beautiful hand crafted homes, and ensuring only the highest quality from start to finish. James Flynn Eastern white pine (Pinus strobus) logs of large diameter (30 inches) are the only fibers used in all projects due to the inherent resiliency and stability of the wood itself. The trees are individually inspected and marked by James himself to ensure that only the highest quality specimens are harvested – therefore ensuring that finished projects are nothing short of what one would expect in a hand crafted log home. Dedicated to maintaining a warm and personable working relationship with clients is a major priority. James is not only present during each and every step of the log home building process, he ensures that he is always within reach of the buyer to guarantee satisfaction! The skilled team at Flynn Log Homes will build and deliver your project to you, all you need is the property to set it up on. Contact us any time to get started on your project, information, additional media or to simply set up a time to meet with James himself to discuss what you are interested in. Committed to helping our customers achieve their dreams! ~James Flynn, Owner & Operator.◄
  16. Log Cabin CENTENNIAL LOG HOMES   This company builds some real nice small cabins. They are based in Columbia Falls, Montana. They have stock plans for your perusal and these stock plans can be modified by their in-house design people. Their smaller floor plans go up to 1500 SF.

    ►Centennial Log Homes would like to be part of making your Dream Log Home or Cabin a reality. With our in house designer at your beck and call to design your stock or custom plan, we like to think the construction of your dream should be flawless. Nestled in the heart of Montana's beautiful Flathead Valley, designing your Dream Handcrafted Log Home or Humble Cabin in the woods is our priority. Along with building log packages for shipment anywhere in the US and beyond, we also offer complete turn-key construction within close proximity of our home office in Kalispell, Montana. Centennial contracted this custom home from excavation through framing to floor coverings and appliances.◄
  17. Log Home NORTH FORK LUMBER AND LOG HOMES   Very nice website, this company does smaller cabins. They have 4 basic classes of homes: Cabin Series, Loft Series, Ranch Series, & Rental Series. Picture on the right is of their 768 SF "Forestview Cabin".

    ►We are a family-owned manufacturing facility in operation for more than 25 years specializing in wood and timber products. We are located in beautiful Rockbridge County, Virginia, in the midst of mountain pine forests. Everyone in our organization understands the forest products industry, and our processes respect the environment. Our customers include residential home owners and commercial facilities in a half dozen states in the Mid-Atlantic region of the United States. We are small enough to be flexible but large enough to help you create whatever log structure you can imagine. We can work with you directly, or we can work with any professionals you choose to design and construct your log home or building. Select one of our pre-packaged moderately-priced log home models, a more elaborate larger kit, or have us design, fabricate and deliver a customized log home configured to your exact specifications. Go ahead and catch cabin fever! Our goal is to provide excellent service and value with every log home we produce. Take a moment to review our floor plans, or perhaps give us a call. We'd love to discuss how we can make your log home dreams a reality!◄
  18. Vermont Log Home Structure MOUNTAIN LOGWORKS   Wow, some beautiful stuff here. This company is based in Waterford, Vermont. Their approach to log home building is a little different than most builders in that they build one home at a time. And by the looks of their website they is beautiful homes.

    ►Mountain Logworks – Handcrafted Log Homes are created in the Scandinavian tradition: Impeccably designed and built homes that are suited to the landscape and pass the test of time. We've built our reputation on precise joinery, attention to detail, and excellent client service. The majority of our homes are crafted from full-length Eastern White Pine logs, displaying their natural taper. Our hand hewn homes are a natural, green, organic living environment with impressive r-values. All or our log homes are crafted in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. Upon completion, they are disassembled and transported to your site for final assembly. Whether it is a neighboring New England state, ME, NY, PA, east coast or international, we will bring the fine craftsmanship of a Vermont log home to you. If you already own your land or are searching for quality Vermont Real Estate, we will walk you through the process of creating a custom home that fits your unique vision. From the selection of trees in the northern forests to the raising of your log home, owner and log crafter Brant L. Schreiber will personally oversee each aspect of your project. Mountain Logworks will provide you with personal, knowledgeable attention, whether your dream is a full-scribe log home with log stair and cedar log railings, a log timber frame, a Swedish chalet with log elements/accents, an Adirondack style log home, a rustic log cabin, a log hunting camp, a Finnish log sauna, or you are simply looking to add a showcase log truss to your project. Each structure we build, regardless of size, is crafted to meet the individual needs of our clients. Because we build only one house at a time, we are able to create handcrafted log masterpieces that will reflect the dreams of our clients for centuries to come.◄
  19. Lean To with swedish cope CEDAR KNOLL LOG HOMES   This award winning manufacturing facility is located in the Adirondack Mountains of New York State, at the very source for Northern White Pine and Eastern White Cedar. They have an experienced staff and state of the art technology to mill their own Cedar and Pine log homes, log home siding, premium wainscot, custom cedar decks, stair and railing systems, and a host of other unique and specialty lumber products for your dream home. Picture on the right is of their "Lean To" in a Swedish Cope Style. I think this is cool that they will build small structures like this "lean to". And then they go up larger from the "lean to" to small cabins, and then on to even bigger homes. So take your pick.

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    ►Not everyone wants or can afford one of the luxury 4000 square foot masterpieces that you usually find adorning the pages of the popular log home magazines. While owning one of those works of art would be nice, there is definitely an upside to building something that is more practical and modest; particularly if you do not have the need or budget for such a monumental undertaking. If warm and cozy is okay with you (and you do not need to have that "Wow, this is incredible" perception), then you are in the right place. We've assembled a wide selection of log cabin plans and log camp plans ranging from 138 square feet to 575 square feet of living space. These log cabins/log camps are ideal for anyone who wants the occasional respite of log cabin life without having to take out a second mortgage. These smaller plans are ideally suited for hunting or fishing cabins, weekend camps or even week-long retreats. With package prices starting at $10,000, they are also affordable. For outdoors enthusiasts who enjoy camping and communing with nature, these log cabin/log camp packages can be a good alternative to a camper or RV with one major advantage: A log cabin will appreciate in value over time. So, if the summertime thrill of packing up your camper, hauling it, setting it up, breaking it down and hauling it back is losing its appeal, now is the time to consider investing in a permanent cabin that can provide year-round enjoyment! Imagine having all of the modern conveniences of a fully-appointed camper/RV (and then some) without all the hassles.◄
  20. The Whittier LANDMARK LOG HOMES   This business is located in Frankfort, Kentucky. They do have at least one floor plan under 1000 SF, and it is called the "Elk Creek" a tiny 394 SF cabin. Picture on the right is their model called: "The Whittier".

    ►Landmark Log Homes was founded in 1993 by Leon and Lisa York. Since then Landmark Log Homes has had the privilege of working with hundreds of log home customers. We take pride in the services and quality of materials that we provide and would appreciate the opportunity to work with you. Each of our log homes are custom designed for you, with the goal to be the last home that you'll ever want. From the start, attention to detail will make a successful design and your dream come true. That is what makes your log home a Landmark. Landmark Log Homes provides handcrafted log homes that are energy efficient and are designed specifically for your personal needs. Some of the benefits of Landmark's custom log homes are: 1. Handcrafted quality. 2. Cost effective. 3. Settlement is eliminated. 4. Free estimates. 5. Free custom design. 6. Most energy efficient log home on the market. 7. Simplified construction. 8. On-site technical assistance. 9. Staged deliveries. 10. Air infiltration is eliminated. 11. Precut and coded log corners. 12. Rapid drawing turnaround. 13. Unsurpassed customer service. 14. Slip joints are not required. 15. R-Value 22 Minimum. ◄
  21. Sample of Product MC CUSTOM LOG HOMES   They have a video for you to watch. They are based in Southeast Georgia. They offer the following: "Experience, Quality, Reputation, Customer Service, Value for your money.

    ►MC Custom Log Homes are all custom designed. What does that mean? It means our homes are not a standard "kit" that you have to settle for. While we do offer kit designs we expect you to change it or better yet come to us with a design of your own. After all this IS your home, a home you have dreamed about. Since this log home will be the last home you buy you should live in the home you dreamed about, don't settle for someone's kit because you don't have to. We are quite unique from other log home dealers. Not only designing and selling log home packages, but "build" them. Yes you read that right. We are builders of exceptional log homes. Giving you the quality and most importantly the building experience of over 30 years that your typical dealers lack. We don't deliver a kit and disappear, leaving you to find a builder that understands how to build a log home, for they are very different to erect than a conventional home. We are there from conception, to handing you the key to your home and every step in between. Providing you with quality, experience, value, and customer service above the rest. If you have already purchased your log home through another dealer but are in need of a builder, give us a call. We can and have built other companies homes. Providing you with our expertise in constructing your log home. We want to quench your burning desire to live in your dream home.◄
  22. Model MLH 006 Log Cabin MONTANA LOG HOMES   This business is based in the northern part of Montana, Kalispell, Montana to be exact. According to their website, they seem to keep busy building log homes here & there with documentation of their previous jobs. They will build you a smaller under 1000 SF Log Cabin. Picture on the right is of their 692 SF Model MLH 006 Log Cabin or also called: Log Home Floor Plan-06.

    ►Welcome to Montana log homes. So you are looking for the right log home company to make your dream of owning a log home a reality. Consider this: Montana Log Homes has been handcrafting custom log homes for people like you since 1975. Our commitment to provide you with the highest quality custom log home is reflected in our mission statement . . . Not to be the biggest log home company, but to be the best. To attain this goal our company has grown slowly to focus on providing you with a quality product. By doing this, our employees have gained the experience necessary to build the company's reputation and give your log home the attention to detail and pride in craftsmanship that you expect and deserve. Your Montana Log Home is individually crafted by our skilled log smiths using chainsaws and traditional hand tools. Large diameter, dead standing, full length logs are selected for you from prime timber stands of Montana and then hand peeled, cut and carved into your log home. By scribing and hand fitting each log in our Kalispell, Montana construction yard, we maintain a high degree of quality control on your project and provide you with one of the finest handcrafted log homes in the industry. No other form of construction can match the charm and warmth of a handcrafted log home. The thermal performance of your Montana log home will give you a feeling of security and comfort for years to come. Whether you want a small Chalet or Grand Lodge style home, we will build the architectural style and size that is right for you. We offer design and blueprint services and with our design flexibility we not only accept but encourage your ideas for the design of your own home. With your personal involvement and our attention to the structural integrity of your home we can address many construction details before producing your blueprints and prior to construction of your home. Our designers have worked with clients throughout the continent, so wherever you plan to build we have the skills and experience to make sure your project runs smoothly. If you are not sure how to get started, we have a 60 page plan guide, which includes log home floor plans and pictures to stimulate your imagination. Let Montana Log Homes provide a quote for the log home you envision. Send us a sketch or floor plan, including dimensions and the building location. Be sure to jot down any special features you may desire or comments that will insure we provide you with the most accurate bid. We will send you a preliminary cost estimate for your log shell which will itemize all of the log home information. Our goal is that your log home will exceed your dreams!◄
  23. Outfitter 1 Model Cabin MOSSCREEK   Generally speaking, nice big beautiful homes being built here. Based in the state of Tennessee. Billed as "America's Favorite Home Designers". They have a couple models of cabins under 1000 SF: The 725 SF Mackaye Shelter & 914 SF Oak Carriage House. Picture on the right is of their: 1283 SF "Outfitter 1" cabin.

    ►Every moment of every day, MossCreek luxury log homes are being built throughout the United States. Our log and timber frame homes reflect not only the unique characteristics of MossCreek, but also the craftsmanship of the builder, and the unique personality of the homeowner. Together, beautiful, rustic home designs are being created every day. We invite you to explore our rustic home design tours below to experience the varied expressions of a MossCreek designed timber frame or log home. Building a new home is not only one of the largest financial investments that a homeowner may make in a lifetime, but also one of the most personal. During the design of a new home, each consideration can be a review of who you are as a person, who you aspire to be, and what mark you want to leave on this earth . . . An opening of the soul that can establish new benchmarks of awareness. MossCreek understands this. We are a group of skilled individuals dedicated solely to the design of rustic American style homes. Because we're not a drafting or architecture firm, we can offer more. Our small team of talented professionals affords you personal access to every member of the firm and the unique talents that each brings to the project. At MossCreek, we design some of the most unique and authentic luxury log homes, Cozy Log Cabins, and custom timber frame homes in the country. Nestled in the foothills of the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee, the designers of MossCreek travel throughout the US continuously studying and interpreting the best in regional and historic log and timber frame home styles. This gives us the ability to express your dream in a home rooted deep in history and tradition, or to create an altogether new style for you with references to past methods of log home and timber frame construction. Please don't hesitate to call us and let us know how we can help make your dream of a beautiful, rustic log or timber frame home come true.◄
  24. Cabin 287 NATURAL ELEMENT HOMES   This business is based in Montana. Yes, they do have cabins under 1000 SF, in fact they have a fair amount of them, plus your usual larger log home. Picture on the right is of their: "Cabin 287". The only thing missing from this picture is you the buyer of this cabin with your jug of moonshine. Please visit their website for many more great pictures of authentic small cabins, and a lot more modern looking cabins as well.

    ►1. WE DESIGN YOUR HOME: It all starts with design. You may select one of our plans, and we will customize it for you to be exactly as you want it. Or, we can start with any design you find on the internet and use it for inspiration to create your own custom design. Or, we can start from scratch.
    2. WE MANUFACTURE YOUR BUILDING MATERIALS: We offer four major building systems: log homes, timber frame, hybrid homes, and modular homes. We make the logs, timbers, trusses, wall panels, modules, and components needed for your specific home design, and we procure all other materials for the exterior dry-in shell of your home. We package the materials according to the various systems of your home and prepare them for shipment to your jobsite.
    3. YOUR HOME IS BUILT: We deliver the building materials for the dry-in shell package to your jobsite and your selected builder. You can use your own builder, or you can use a builder from our network. We have proven, quality builders in many locations and can assist you in builder selection. Your selected builder will take responsibility for the project and control each step to insure the quality expected is delivered. The builder will help to control costs and provide the highest value possible. They should communicate with you throughout the process and allow your involvement as desired. Most importantly, the builder should remain involved after you move in to confirm that your home performs properly.◄
  25. Telos Small Cabin Model WARD CEDAR LOG HOMES   These people are based in Houlton, Maine and have been in business since 1923. They do build small cabins under 1000 SF, as well as much larger beautiful log homes. Picture on the right is of their small cabin model called "Telos", 480 SF including loft located in the "camp series" section of their very nice website.

    Amazon Coupons ►Our corporate offices and manufacturing plant are located in Houlton, Maine, the heart of white cedar country. Today, our commitment to excellence remains as strong as it was more than 90 years ago. We are proud to be the nation's first log home manufacturer and of our continuous record of achievement in the industry. The great North Woods of Maine is one of the few places east of the Mississippi River where Northern White Cedar grows in abundance, in the heart of which is Houlton, home to our 35-acre manufacturing facility, which includes a specialized sawmill and planing mill. Our highly skilled and dedicated team of employees controls every step of the process. And our round wood procurement practices and stringent specifications allow Ward to offer a higher grade of log than most other manufacturers. Selected logs first pass through Ward's state-of-the-art sawmill, which has been designed specifically to handle Northern White Cedar. Each log is cut into a "cant" a rough-sawn square timber consisting only of cedar's jewel — its heartwood. Remaining wood is recovered and used for exterior and interior door and window trim; porch, deck, loft and stair railings; tongue-and-groove paneling; and decking. Any wood not meeting our grade is chipped and sold as mulch. Nothing is wasted.◄
  26. The Alstead Model CROCKETT LOG & TIMBER HOMES   This company is based in the state of Pennsylvania. They claim to have over 40 years experience, and to have built over 4,500 homes, plus they offer full turnkey services. Picture on the right is of their 1224 SF Alstead Log Home Model.

    ►Log home living today is a lifestyle. In pre-colonial days, building a sturdy weather-resistant log home was a life-or-death necessity. That old world craftsmanship lives on in Crockett Log Homes. Today we combine the old with the new to bring you a log home filled with a pioneering spirit that is equipped with the best of modern technology and an ecological mindset — all our log homes are made with natural renewable American-grown resources. Our Crockett Log Homes are customizable to fit your lifestyle and dreams. Crockett utilizes kiln dried, boxed hearts Eastern White Pine wall logs. Our Standard Log Profiles are Flat / Round, Round / Round, and Flat / Flat. Log sizes available: 6in x 8in, 8in x 8in, 6in x 12in. Ultra R Wall Logs are available in all of the above Log profiles & Log Species. Crockett Log & Timber Homes are built in the traditional way with solid log gables, a heavy timber second floor system, ridge posts and ridge beams. Modern fastener and sealant systems combined with code compliant, engineered stamped construction documents ensure that your log home will last for generations to come. Creative designs to fit your dreams . . . And your budget. We will work closely with you — listening to your concerns and answering any questions — every step of the way. Our 3-Step Design Process — including creative design and structural engineering services — strives to give you the important home features that you desire, while you work with your builder to keep the project under budget.◄
  27. Sample of Product EBAY LOG CABIN KITS   Betcha didn't know that a person could buy a Prefab Log Cabin Kit on eBay, did ya? Well, you can. In fact they have a lot of them for sale. Prices range from under $10,000 clear on up to many thousands - like $162,000 and maybe higher. You can also pay for log cabin building classes. And you can buy used log cabin logs. Sample picture on the right is of a "log cabin kit - 8in Swedish coped - lodge pole pine", Price: $11,600,00. Lots of cool Log Cabins on eBay. Take a look! They have all the following categories: Log Cabin Kits, Log Cabin Home Kits, Log Cabins House Kit, Log Home Package, Log Cabin Home, Modular Home, Log Home, Prefab Home, Hunting Cabin, Cottage Kit, Home Kit, Log Cabin, Cabin Kit, & Cabin. To find the location on eBay Go To: Home > Business & Industrial > Construction > Buildings, Modular & Pre-Fab. But actually i had to do a search to find Log Cabin Kits. Included in this category are old cabins for sale (Buyer hauls away) plus kiln dried pine logs and other types of logs for building log cabins.
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